Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The new place to find me is on the Hill

I’m not sure I’ve alerted my readership the people who read this blog to this change in my life, so I figured I’d make a formal post on it. In the past semester, a style blog was started at the University of Kansas called “Style on the Hill.” It began similar to most streetstyle Tumblrs, but has since exploded in both readership and content. There are pictures, videos, editorial pieces, downloadable music, brand partnerships and collabs with local businesses in Lawrence, KS. 

I’ve had the opportunity and the pleasure to write for Style on the Hill, and since then it has become the new place to find my writing. However, I will still post here at Midwest-Dressed, mostly more personal stuff or things that just don’t jive well with Style on the Hill. That being said, I highly recommend checking out Style on the Hill. It’s really cool, and I’m constantly being blown away by the knowledge, creativity, and talent of my co-workers. Some of our impressive stuff below:

Peace out and goodwill towards men,


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mazeltov & Merry Kwanzaa

It’s that time of year where websites start offering holiday gift-giving guides. And I know most websites do a pretty thorough listing of quality and thoughtful items to give to your loved one, but as it stands, I’m in the midst of finals, I’m pretty sure I just failed my last one, and the only thing on my mind right now is getting super drunk and pouring Cristale on white bitches’ heads. So I apologize in advance for my unkempt gift list. I’ll be adding stuff as it see find it, and hopefully it’ll inspire you.

These New Balance 996s have the classic aesthetic of the 574, but in a slimmer profile.

The duffels from Herschel Supply Co. come highly regarded, but they've got backpacks, totes, ipouches, and more.

I've been obsessed with the Porthole since I saw it on Kickstarter. Making your own flavored liquors is a fun DIY project to mess around and get drunk with, but you can use the Porthole to make olive oil and balsamic vinegar and shit.
Colored laces - totally copped this idea from GQ, but it's a great and extremely simple idea. 

Camo NATO straps - camo is shitting on #menswear right now, whether  I like it or not. Swap in a new strap to ring in the new year.
Denim jackets are so trill. I've got a vintage Levi trucker, but this dark one by J.Crew is pretty rad.

Fair Isle, Shawl Collar, AND A CARDIGAN?!?!? Fuck me. Stop waiting, start buying.
$136 and you can pretend you're Irish. It's like a year-round St. Patrick's celebration!

If you're going to ask for a watch, don't be a dipshit about it. Rolex watches in colorful swatches! The vintage watch collection at Park & Bond whets my whistle, although they occasionally are on "sale" at Gilt for pretty much the same price.

Man jewelry is a good thing to ask for, because if you don't like it, you can regift it to a girl.  Really, if you don't know what to get someone, get them a sexually ambiguous, muted, non-threatening gift that everyone can use, but no one really desires. 

I like quilted jackets, and they have them at Halls. Kind of a fall look more so than winter or spring, so you might grab one on the cheap. 

These boots are just sick. $745 at Tres Bien but SKKKKKRRRRTTTTT $293 at Park & Bond. 

You can always donate to a charity, and this is a great idea for people who never "want anything." Take what you would've spent on the grumpy-assed curmudgeon and give it to someone in need. StyleForum is having frequent auctions on great #menswear stuff, with 100% of the proceeds going to Ronald McDonald House. 

Best, and hopefully more "quality" stuff on the way when finals end,


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Steam Punks, 19th Century Trads, and Music

Again, nothing to do with menswear, but the score for “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford,” is just fantastic. Slow, melancholy, haunting. It's the kind of music I'd want played at my funeral, right before a gospel choir belts out a stirring rendition of P. Diddy's "I'll be Missing You." Kind of a downer I guess, but Kanye and Big Sean inflate my ego so much, sometimes I’ve gotta come back down to Earth. Just kidding. GET MONEY GET LAID.

You can find videos of the soundtrack here. The movie is also quite good, but I won't link to that because it's not strictly legal. A bit long, and not a Western-action flick so it can feel drawn out, but good plot and hecka acting. Peep it bro.

*There are great examples of classical 19th century dandies, trads, and soon to be preps. You may even spot a steam punk or two, which was the precursor to the hipster movement. Clothes were made better back then, and all that shit. There, #menswear.